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Covid-19 Updates

We are now on a mandatory closure of the barbershop until further notice from our federal and provincial governments. Hopefully it won’t last long as our business depends on your heads!
Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you all back in the barbershop very soon! 

During this time we cannot offer you any services, but we can offer you Gift Certificates via the Online Shop for when we RE-OPEN. We also have an appointment waitlist available, These will be the ones who will get the first calls to set up new appointments.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this pandemic.

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May 21, 2020

Covid-19 Re-Opening Plan:

There has been some good news coming out over the last couple of days. Barbershops will be included in phase 1.  Things will be operating a bit differently due to Covid-19, as we adjust to the new guidelines set in place by Public Health & the Nova Scotia Registered Barbers’ Association. There has been no set date as to when the barbershop can re-open. I am working hard behind the scenes to secure the proper PPE and to prepare the shop for opening day.

Clients please note the following guidelines:


* Please do not enter the barbershop if you are showing signs or symptoms of Illness or Covid-19.
* If you show up to the barbershop showing signs or symptoms of illness or Covid-19 you will be asked to leave immediately, and to reschedule at a later date.
*Please use sneeze & cough etiquette.
*Please show up to your appointment with clean hair.
* Please use provided hand sanitizer and mask when you enter the barbershop or bring your own.
* Please wait in your car or outside until it is time for your appointment.
* Please do not show up more then 5 minutes early to your appointment.
* Please do not bring anyone to your appointment.
* Only one parent may accompany a child.
* Please only touch products you are going to purchase.
* Please respect social distancing by staying 6ft apart.
* Appointments will be spaced out to provide enough time to clean and disinfect tools, equipment and surfaces prior to each client.
* Price Increase due to additional costs.
* Barber will wear a clean mask every service.
* Barber will use a clean towel for every service.
* Barber will wash hand before, during and after every service.
* Elimination of neck duster.
* Barber will use a clean or disposable cape every service.
* No WALK-IN services will be provided.

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